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Accelerated Undergraduate Minors

Adding a minor allows students to broaden their knowledge and skills, making your degree even more valuable and versatile.

How to choose a minor to add to your degree: 1) Align with your career goals, 2) Follow your interests 3) Talk to a counselor

Minors at ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç  

In ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç’s accelerated undergraduate programs, there are a few different minors available, depending on your program, that you can choose to add including: 

  • Creative Digital Media      
  • Child Development
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Strategic Communication

Why add a minor?

Broaden your knowledge base

  • A minor allows students to explore subjects outside of their main area of study, leading to a more comprehensive and well-rounded education.
  • Students can also gain insight and knowledge into other fields that can enhance their perspective and approach within their major enriching their overall academic experience

Increase career opportunities

  • A minor can make your resume stand out to potential employers in that it showcases versatility
  • Minors allow students to develop additional skills that can be attractive to a wider range of employers

Personal growth

  • Students can dive into subjects they are passionate about and might not have otherwise studied within their major
  • By adding a minor you can diversify your academy journey and enjoy a more fulfilling college experience by engaging with different disciplines and perspectives

How to choose a minor

Align with your career goals

Select a minor that will complement your major and career aspirations

Follow your interests

Think about subjects and ideas you are passionate about and see how they can be incorporated into your studies with a minor

Talk to a counselor

Counselors can give personalize advice and direction to help you make the best choice for your academic journey

Take the next steps

At ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç our counselors are here to guide you through your academic journey and the process of planning your coursework. ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç counselors will assist you in selecting and adding a minor to your degree. Work with your counselor to integrate your minor into your academic plan efficiently. 

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