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¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç’s campus is made up of a vibrant community committed to your academic, spiritual, and personal development as you pursue your calling. And this all happens at a place that overlooks a beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean. Find out what makes ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç unlike any other campus.

Visit Campus

Weekday Visits

This is one of the best ways to experience ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç! These visits include an information session with one of our admissions counselors and a student-led 90-minute walking tour of the campus. You can also request additional opportunities based on your specific interest.

In-person tours are OPEN!

Weekday visits can be scheduled throughout the year.

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Sunset Tours

Visit us for a Sunset Tour, a two-hour event that includes a student-led campus tour, a chance to hear from a ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç professor, admissions staff, and a chance to experience a quintessential ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç sunset. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Learn about upcoming Sunset Tours.

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Group Visits

We offer group visits to our campus for high school, college, and church groups. It’s our goal to educate our group visitors on how to best prepare themselves as university candidates, at ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç and elsewhere.

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Bartell Hotels is featured prominently on the Point Loma Harbor.

Stay at Bartell Hotels and Support ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç Scholarships

Are you or your family looking for a place to stay when you visit campus? ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç has partnered with some of the best hotels in San Diego to offer you great discounts on your stay. In fact, a percentage of the total room cost is donated back to ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç to support scholarships for our students!

Other Ways to Tour ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç

¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç in Your Area

Each fall, we travel around the country to bring ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç to you. We typically have Info Nights in California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.​ If you’re thinking about ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç but haven’t had the chance to stop by our campus, we strongly encourage you to attend.

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Virtual Visits

Can't make it to campus yourself?

Looking for Graduate and Professional Studies or Accelerated Undergraduate visiting information?