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my¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç is Loma's one-stop resource for all the tools and info students need to succeed at ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç — from clubs and activities to academics and much more. 

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Student Financial Services

An education is one of most meaningful purchases you can make. Whether you are an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or an adult degree completion student, we have resources and support to help you achieve your goals. 

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Campus Dining

Your ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç experience is more than great food. It's about a community experience centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy options, and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility. Check out ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç dining to learn more about all your food options on campus.

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Visit the official ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç bookstore — your source for textbooks, apparel, school supplies, and more! 

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Access your Canvas dashboard where you can view your grades and course content, submit assignments, and keep track of upcoming coursework.

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Undergraduate Career Services

We are committed to working with students to identify their strengths and develop their talents. That's why we have our dedicated on-campus Career Services with personalized career coaches. Our coaches are equipped with tips on designing a purposeful career, developing your God-given strengths, creating a killer resume, and connecting with employers!

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Our online catalog is the official document relative to academic program offerings and charges. If you want to see descriptions of your courses or check out classes to take next semester, this is the place to go.

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Manage all your ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç announcements, invitations, and communications here.

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Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) serves our campus community by ensuring that all research involving human participants meet or exceed federal guidelines governing such research.

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Public Safety

¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç's Department of Public Safety is a private security organization dedicated to the safety and security of the campus community.

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Whether you need to check your transfer credits, obtain ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç transcripts, or make sure you're on track to graduate, the Office of Records is your go-to for everything related to your academic record.

Residential Life & Housing

Living in a residence hall as an undergraduate is a challenging, yet rewarding way to live out our commitment to being a Christian community. By clicking on the link below, you'll find information on our residence halls and apartments, the housing process, how to become an RA, and what it means to fully immerse in the on-campus experience."

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Ryan Library

Ryan Library offers a multitude of resources for students – from checking out books, to printing stations, online databases, citation help, and group or individual study areas. 

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Shuttle Schedules

We operate both an on-campus and off-campus shuttle – providing transportation for ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç students needing to catch a ride back to their room, the grocery store, or anywhere in between!

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Student Life and Formation

¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç provides ministry opportunities both on and off campus, and a place where students can ask questions, share life, and live missionally. Whether you prefer small group settings, service projects, missions, or music — we've got you covered.

Students with our regional centers also have the convenience of dedicated on-site chaplains available.

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Student Handbook

In order to truly understand a university, you must understand its purpose. Our student handbook goes into detail about what ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç is all about.

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Loma Writing Center

The Loma Writing Center exists to help all members of the ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç community cultivate transferable writing skills to engage their academic, professional, personal, and spiritual communities. We work toward this goal by conducting one-on-one consultation sessions, supporting writing education across the ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç community, and participating in ongoing writing center research.  

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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center focuses on emotional and physical health, as well as preventive health education, by providing an array of services to undergraduate students at ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç.

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is your personalized website at ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç.

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Study Abroad

Every ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç student has the opportunity to study abroad. It can be affordable, accessible and achievable. With early planning, anyone can do it. We encourage you to maximize your time at ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç by engaging in faculty-led, semester, summer, or year-long program options provided by ¹ú²ú¾çÂ鶹¾ç’s partnerships with reputable overseas institutions and affiliates in locations around the world.